Packing, an additional resource

In our refrigerated picking area, we re-box, sort and co-pack according to our customer’s wishes. The picking is done manually by skilled and dedicated employees. We also repack pallets. We offer fast and reliable service and cost-effective solutions.

Assorted ice creams

Ice creams to be mixed, sorted and repacked are just an example of package service in our frozen storage.

Container loading/unloading

Another service we offer is the emptying of containers. We unload packages, put on pallets and store in our frozen and refrigerated storages. Read more about our container management here.

Know-how and experience

For us, competence means understanding our customers’ needs and being careful about their goods. Add a proper dose of structure, i.e. logistics, resources, flexibility, speed and continuity – that’s what our world of logistics looks like.

Find out more about our logistics options.

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